In the event of a Breakdown or Accident

If someone is injured or there is risk of fire contact the emergency services.

Please do not try to solve the problem yourself. In the first instance you should call the Assistance Company. Once you are sure everyone is safe and if your vehicle has been disabled call the Road Rescue hotline.

Dialling from the UK 01737 826 072

Dialling from Europe +353 9064 86332

These numbers should also be used for general claims information.

You should have the following information available upon request:

  • The vehicle’s registration number
  • Your name and home postcode
  • Your policy number
  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • The colour of the vehicle
  • The location of the vehicle
  • An indication as to the nature of the problem

In the event of a breakdown on the motorway...
proceed to the nearest SOS Emergency Telephone Box. Make a note of the nearest marker post to your vehicle where there will usually be an arrow pointing to the nearest emergency phone.
Ask the Police to contact the appropriate assistance number and be prepared to provide the additional information together with the number of the SOS Emergency Telephone Box.

Motorways in Europe:
On many European motorways or autoroutes, particularly in France, if you break down the emergency telephones will be answered by the police. They will arrange for a recovery vehicle to tow you and your vehicle off the motorway, either to a local garage or perhaps to a motorway service station, without reference to AXA Assistance.

You may be required to pay for this assistance on the spot, in which case obtain and keep a receipt and we will reimburse you. Alternatively, once you and your vehicle are towed to a place of safety call AXA Assistance and the recovery agent may accept our guarantee of payment. At this stage AXA Assistance will also arrange any other assistance you may require.

You should always stop at the scene of an accident which you think you have caused, where there have been injuries to people or domesticated animals, or damage to another vehicle or property. Call the emergency services (see below) immediately and ask for an ambulance if anyone involved requires urgent medical treatment, or ask for the police if the road is blocked or damaged or if someone involved has left the scene without exchanging details.

Try and get the names and addresses together with vehicle details of any witnesses. Make a sketch plan of the area showing any other vehicles involved. Take photographs if possible. Always exchange details with other drivers involved. These include name, address, phone number, vehicle registration, insurance company and policy number.

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